Video Surveillance

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At NY Computer Geeks , we provide cutting-edge video surveillance systems tailored to enhance security and peace of mind for homes and businesses.

Trusted by 35,000+ Companies


How It Works:

Unleash the power of our platform with a multitude of powerful features, empowering you to achieve your goals.

Our team assesses your requirements and recommends the most suitable surveillance system for your property.

Our technicians ensure precise installation and configuration for optimal performance.

Our team employs industry best practices to repair and restore your computer to its optimal state.

We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your surveillance system operating at its best.



We design and install bespoke video surveillance systems based on your property's specific needs and layout.

Our range of high-definition cameras ensures clear, detailed footage for effective monitoring and analysis.

Access your surveillance feed from anywhere, anytime, ensuring constant vigilance over your property.

If you require any of the services, contact us now!

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