Computer Hardware & Software Repair

Team of skilled Technicians

At NY Computer Geeks, we specialize in comprehensive computer repair services, addressing both hardware and software issues.

Trusted by 35,000+ Companies


How It Works:

Unleash the power of our platform with a multitude of powerful features, empowering you to achieve your goals.

We conduct a thorough assessment of your computer to identify issues accurately.

Before delivery, each repair undergoes stringent quality checks to ensure reliability.

Our team employs industry best practices to repair and restore your computer to its optimal state.

The customer will receive their equipment fully repaired.



From Windows Servers, Networking, Firewall, Cable Runs, Active Directory, Data Recovery, Upgrades and Management.

Computer Repair Services, software upgrades/downgrades, hardware replacement, Microsoft Window Reinstall, applications support -No CD/DVD required.

We remove all viruses & Spyware, ransom infections, crypto virus. Complete eradication of malicious infections while keeping all your data

Backup, Backup, Backup. We encourage all of our customers to backup their valuable data. But if it's too late.

If you require any of the services, contact us now!

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